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    Question Unanswered: oracleDBconsole Service won't start (10g)

    I have an Oracle 10g database running on a Windows 2003 server. I recently had to delete the test instance and recreate it. After I had done this, the Oracle Entrprise Mgr had workled for a few days but then suddenly stopped working (I could not connect to it). I cannot start the oracleDBconsole service from either a DOS prompt, or from the Services area of Administrative Tools.

    I notice there have been posts on a similar issue on this forum, however, the problem in that cases seemed to be that the server itself was re-named ro its ip changed. This is not the case in my situtation.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on possible remedies to this problem?


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    Have you tried recreating Dbconsole? Use 'emca' with the 'recreate' option.
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