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    Unanswered: Create a Database Owner By User?

    I am trying to understand how I can create a new database in PostgreSQL and have it owned by a specific user and not the user I am connected to the database as.

    For example, I am logged into the 'postgres' database as the user 'postgres'. I want a new database called 'finance' and have it owned by a user that doesn't exist yet named 'maggie'. I searched the 'docs' and couldn't find any info that showed me how I could accomplish this task.

    When I tried the following, I get an error:

    postgres=# CREATE DATABASE finance WITH OWNER = maggie;
    ERROR:  role "maggie" does not exist
    Not sure if it matters, but I am using psql (8.4.4).

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    Just create the user before creating the database.
    CREATE USER maggie WITH PASSWORD 'supersecret';
    CREATE DATABASE finance WITH OWNER = maggie;

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