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    Unanswered: Reporting Services Issue (SSRS)

    Hello Guys,

    I have been working to Reporting services recently a lot. But now my company needed to me to install new instance of report server in a new location.

    The working environment is Windows 2008 Server, SQL Server 2005 SP3,
    I was able to install Report services on the server but when I try to run the reporting services configuration tool it gives me following error

    "A WMI error has occured and no additional error information is available."

    the report server database version is 9.00.1399.00
    and sql server is SP3.

    I have researched lot on internet and here are some links which helped others but could not solve my problem

    WMI error has occurred when using report configuration manager


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    What account did you use to install this (was it a local administrator)? Was SQL already installed, and you just added SSRS, or you did a full install from scratch?

    Does the server have IIS 7 installed? I've seen similar errors when the server didn't have all the IIS components. The 920201 KB at MSFT refers to Server Core 2008, but it does list the required IIS 7 components.

    Hope this helps a bit, did you look at your application event log, were there any more details?


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