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    Unanswered: Uninstall DB2


    can anyone let me know as to how to uninstall DB2 9.0 or above from my system actually is there a way to find out which version is installed on my machine m/c is old and last installed db2 was of 9 version, i have multiple entries in the windows xp services.msc, some are listed below
    DB2 - DB2COPY1 - DB2-0
    DB2 - DB2COPY2 - DB2_01-0
    DB2 Governor (DB2COPY1)
    DB2 Governor (DB2COPY2)
    DB2 License Server (DB2COPY1)
    DB2 License Server (DB2COPY2)
    DB2 Management Service (DB2COPY1)
    DB2 Management Service (DB2COPY2)
    DB2 Remote Command Server (DB2COPY1)
    DB2 Remote Command Server (DB2COPY2)
    DB2 Security Server (DB2COPY1)
    DB2 Security Server (DB2COPY2)
    DB2DAS - DB2DAS00

    is there a way to remove all these entries from windows xp and if i install a new version of db2 say 9.5 and above will my installation of DB2 work as normal without any issues. Need your Help with this.


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    You can use db2unins -f to remove all copies of DB2:

    db2unins - Uninstall DB2 database product

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    ran the above command but got the following error message

    Unable to open the Windows installer database 'D:\DB2v9\Install\ESE\db2\Windows\DB2 Enterprise Server Edition.msi'. The return code is 1624.

    How to go about it in this case, i have the DB2 installer in the above path. verified it too. just can't get the uninstaller working some way of other,

    need more help in going about this...


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    there was doc for v8 - but should be similar for v9
    IBM - Uninstalling DB2
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    Thanks will try this

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    I found an answer in this site How To Uninstall Db2 Connect V. 7? | TheDailyReviewer you can visit that for more detailed answer.I hope it helps.

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