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    Unanswered: Automatic Updation of Lists - Help required

    Hello Everyone

    I have Access 2003. I am preparing a database of the patients for a medical unit of a hospital. My task is to generate lists of free and occupied beds of a ward.

    1. Whenever a patient gets admission in ward, a list of free beds should appear before the charge nurse and after assigning a patient that bed number should disappear from the list of free beds and must appear in the list of occupied beds. But as soon as the patient is discharged, both the list should automatically be updated.

    2. Similarly, if I want to transfer a patient from one bed to other in the same unit, both the list of occupied and free beds should automatically be updated.

    Would be grateful if you kindly attach an example. Thanks in advance.

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    this doesn't sound like the right use of a report.....

    however what you could do is
    create a report which lists the current bed occupancy for that ward

    in your form that handles be allocation in that forms on change event, or after update or on deamnd generate/print that report.

    as to how you do it, thats down to your design of data
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