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    Unanswered: serial port to MySQL

    Hi guys

    I havent used MySQL yet but i plan to do so soon,I did abit of programming in C. I want to populate a database with data received from 3 virtual serial ports, then display the data on a website made in visual studio.
    I am trying to decide how to receive the data from the serial ports, should I use PHP or is that more suited for getting data from the web.

    Any suggestions ..

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    Hi beamer,

    I am not too sure what you mean by virtual serial ports?

    It seems that there are 2 parts to what you are looking to achieve, 1 populate the database with data you receive from the serial ports and 2 access the data and output to a webpage.

    The first part could be developed in any language and there are C API's to access MySQL directly (however, I am not too sure what you are looking to achieve here so more explanation will help). The second part can certainly be done in PHP or any other web development language (JSP, Ruby, Python).
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    FWIW: PHP isn't 'just' a web language, it can be used in a similar way to VBScript, although whether its capable of opening serial ports I dunno.

    however if you have Access to Visual studio then if I were you I'd use one of those languages to do the data capture from the serial port(s). as to how you code your website, that's up to you. often that choice comes down to budget and availability of the tools and the ISP you use. However if it was me I'd be temtped to stay within the Microsoft toolset.

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    By virtual port I mean I am using software(TCP-Com) to convert TCP/IP data to a serial port on my PC so I am able to acess the data like an ordinary serial port.

    So from what I understand I would be able to use C libraries in visual studio to acess data from the serial port and then also populate the database from visual studio.
    Then I can use the web developer in visual studio to fetch data from the database

    I want to stick to C because im fimiliar with it and have 3 weeks to do all of this

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