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    Unanswered: Grant All Privileges for All Tables


    Is it possible to grant all privilege for an user, not only for one table but for all table?

    I have already use :
    grant all privileges on database 'mydatabase' to 'username' ;

    Of course, I can use the sybase to do it but it will make a lot of time

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    No. You can make the user an alias of DBA if you want this user to have all privileges (insert, select, create, drop, etcetera). If this is a repeated action, you can create a group in the database and grant all privileges manually once, and add users to that group when needed.
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    create and grant access to a group/role
    then all you have to do is add a user to the group/role

    take the output from this query and execute it
    select 'grant all on '+name+' to writergroup 
    go' from sysobjects where type='U'

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