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    Unanswered: Non aggregate in rollup


    I have a few columns I want to group together by cube, but I dont want the last two columns to be included as an aggregate.

    I tried the statement below, but it didnt give the desired result

    select sample1, count(*), sample2, sample3 not aggregate
    from <this table>
    group by rollup (sample1, sample2) , sample3

    However my counts for sample1 get messed up.

    Any suggestions?

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    Cool Maximize it

    You could try something like this:
      SELECT sample1,
             COUNT ( * ),
             MAX(sample3)    -- NOT   AGGREGATE
        FROM "<this table>"
    GROUP BY ROLLUP (sample1, sample2);
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    Great idea, however is there a way to turn make to change that value when the row is a subtotal count?

    For instance, max(sample3) is "ABC"

    A1 1 A
    A2 1 AB
    A3 2 ABC <subtotal>

    Instead of ABC as the subtotal value, I would like to place something like "Total"

    I attempted to place a case statement in the select, however oracle complains that its not in the group by which doesnt accept case scenarios anyway.

    thank you for your input.

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