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    Unanswered: Subform Issues

    Ok, first off, I'm fairly new to databases but I created a form that shows apartment information. I have a subform for a vendor database which shows the vendors pricing for a specific market. My problem is, I have properties in cities close to the vendor but I don't want to create a record for each city.

    For example, my vendor has prices for Seattle, so it shows info for my properties is Seattle. Great, but I have properties in cities that are right outside of Seattle. Bellevue, Everett, Tacoma, etc. But the subform only shows the vendor info for Seattle. I have it linked to match by city name.

    I guess on the property I could put a field for "general market area" ie Seattle, but I'd rather have it "know" that Bellevue is close enough to Seattle to show the vendor pricing.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    It can only *know* what you tell it. The solution you suggested sounds viable to me.
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    There are two methods I can think of. The first is the approach you suggested. Where you manually create your markets. If you go that route I would suggest adding two tables. tblMarkets and tblMarketDetails. The tblMarket would have the market name and an ID. The market detials would have the ID and the City State of the cities within the market.

    The second approach which I am working through right now, is to use the latitude and longitutde coordinates to determine zip codes that are close to a given zip code. For this approach you will need two things. One the equation to calculate the distance between two sets of coordinates and a list of all the zip codes and their lat. and long.

    I have both. I am willing to share the equation (found it online), but the list i had to buy it for $39.95. I can tell you where if you are interested.

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