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    Question Unanswered: Apply rules to change query results for a report?

    I had a hard time putting this one into word,s perhaps because it is Monday. Basically I have a query that gets all the data ready for a report. Everytihng works as expected. The problem is, I have many columns and limited space on the report, so I would like to abbreviate some of the wider columns.

    For example, in column "Milestone", one record could be "Heat Treat / Surface Process 2". This take up a ton of space, so I would like to abbreviate it to "HT/SP 2". Is there a way to apply these types of rules to query results?

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    consider moving the milestone to a separate table and use a code. use that code in the maintable as a FK to the milestone table

    so you would have
    HT/SP2 Heat Treat ? Surface Process 2
    HT/SP3 Heat Treat ? Surface Process 3
    INSP   INSPECTIOn and so on
    and so on

    it has the added advantage that you immediately see what products are at which milestone status. rather than relying on users spelliing
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