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    Unanswered: Database design for share market

    Hi One and All,

    I have a query regarding, design of New database....

    Right now I joined as a Database administrator as a fresher, my superior has given me one assignment i.e. I have to create a sample database on Share market. As per his requirement the tables should be Issuer table, Security table, Broker table, INvestor table, Account table, Order table, Tradeing table. He said that I have to prepare the fiellds for this tables and relation ships and whole database structure.... I can prepare relations ships and database structure but the problem is, I don't know how the stock market is really works. If any body help me in this issue I am very thank full to him.

    I need just the table feilds, if I get this rest of job i wil do by studying the subject of share market.

    Thank You

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    Which version of Adabas are you using for this project?

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