i m working with sybase 15.5,
i have created the database of 90gb.
i have created statistics of each column of each table of this database.
i have some queries. which i have runned on ms sql server , oracle.
none of these queries took more than 20 min for finishing the execution,and also i runned these queries on sybase before creating the statistics on my database, at that time also i finished in same time.
but after creating the statistics on this database, these queries are taking hrs of time for just creating the plan for the query. i didnt understand what is taking sybase hrs of time for just making the plan for the query & then hrs of time to execute the query.

also while i was creating the statistics the sybase got crashed once after that i recovered my database using disk reinit & disk refit.
i checked that all my statistics are present correctly & whole data is also present correctly.

but what i just dont understand why sybase is taking such a long time for these queries.

if somebody has some idea why its happening or having some idea to resolve this problem plz let me know the solution.

plz reply soon