I am migrating from MS-Access to MSSql server as Express Edition is free. It will be easy to distribute my software to the end user and will not need to spend on databases.

before I move entirely, may I know which version of express edition will be best suitable for me either 2008 and 2005, FYI I posses copy of Sql server 2005 developer edition so I convert the database to sql 2008, I will not be able to open on my developer machine. Is this true?

And if I use express edn for clients, will it act as database server as enterprise edition do. Will I have to install express edt on each machine or it will work exactly like enterprise edn. Will I get query browser.

Sorry to say but I can't experiment with existing as I have to give support daily basis. So my Migration should be single shot perfect.

Please answer me asap.

Best Regards

Jay Khatri