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    Question Unanswered: search issue

    Hi I am trying to do a search to filter out records with a specific account number.

    When I put the account number in the FSS field, nothing happens. This code is placed in the after update event.

    Am I missing something? This code works on all my other forms for a search.


    If Not IsNull(Me!FSS) Then
    Me.RecordSource = "Select * from [Tax Rate Data] where [Account Number] = '" & Forms![Tax Rate Data]!FSS & "'"
    End If

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    I am a little confused... What is the name of the control that the account number is in? FSS? If you are referencing a control you would use a period (Me.FSS). If there is a data field called FSS in the underlying data then you would use Me!FSS.

    I suspect the problem is that Me!FSS is the underlying data that is NOT changing. It will only change when you have saved the data. I think you probably want to change it to Me.FSS which probably references the text box.

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