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    Unanswered: MS Access Query

    Please help , I am pretty new to Query Side , I will explain my probem below with a sample Table (TABLE 1 with Fields Test ID , Role)

    Sample Data:

    Table 1
    Test ID Role
    1 AAA
    1 BBB
    2 AAA
    2 BBB
    3 D
    3 E

    My Case is , I just want to extract Unique records based on Role , For Example like above For Test ID 1 , Test ID 2 , Role are same . So i need to create a query to extract Unique records output like .


    Can any body help me how to create queries to extract records .ANy help is deeply appreciated

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    To select records you use a... that's right, a SELECT Query! And to pull only one record per each given value, you'd use DISTINCT.

    SO the SQL statement would be something like

    SELECT DISTINCT YourTableName.Role
    FROM YourTableName;

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    to use that
    create a new query
    switch the designer to 'SQL view', usually thats a button on the far left of the toolbar
    then paste the code
    the run the query
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