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    Unanswered: Insert into one table based on one condition and insert into another based on another

    Hey all,

    So I started out this query fine. But towards the end where I begin speaking english in the query is because I don't know how to do it. All I know is it needs to be one whole query but based on one condition, it is inserted into one table and based on another condition it's inserted into another table. This is in Microsoft Access.

        SELECT, contacts.names_1, contacts.names_2, contacts.addresses INTO PrepareForDuplicateCheck
        FROM contacts, possibles
        WHERE (INSTR(CONTACTS.NAMES_1, possibles.fullname) > 0)
        (INSTR(CONTACTS.NAMES_2, possibles.fullname) > 0) 
        CONTACTS.us_states_and_canada = "FL"
         CONTACTS.us_states_and_canada = "NY"
        and IIF(possibles.middle_initial IS NOT NULL)
        BUT if the first, last, and middle initial cannot be found together in Contacts using the conditionh specified in the INSTR function then
         INSERT INTO Extras
       (INSTR(CONTACTS.NAMES_2, possibles.first_and_last_name) > 0) 
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    It would be easy in SQL on a server, unfortunately an Access Query does not offer the same possibilities as SQL Stored Procedures do.

    You'll probably have to use some VBA code in addition to SQL to achieve what you're trying to do.
    Have a nice day!

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    What are the different conditions? Are they based on form data? Or are you trying to migrate data form one table into another other tables?

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    Just write two queries, one inserting into one table and one into another. Simples.
    pootle flump
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