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    Unanswered: MSSQl 2008 70-432/433 Study Material

    Im not looking for dumps or anything, im just wondering what the best study material for these exams are (maybe from someone who's taken them).

    Im not 100% sure the path im going to take. But im going to be deciding soon.
    Problem is the Microsoft "Self paced" kits get really bad reviews.
    I know of CBT Nuggets and Train signal, but dont really know if they are worth the money?

    Also for those who have studied for them, about how long did you give yourself? 2-3 months? less? more?

    Im just trying to Find a good kinda one or two things that will get me prepared for this.

    Thanks all

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    Depends on your experience. The modern SQL Server exams much better reflect a professional's skill set - the old ones used to be more a test of your knowledge of the range of SQL Server technologies (so there would be more marks available on Service Broker than T-SQL for example). If you are reasonably experienced then just brush up on the gaps in your knowledge.
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