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    Unanswered: sp_adduser fails on newly created user

    I'm freaking out..
    ok, so simple enough, I've been asked to add a read-only user to a sybase database, version 15.0.2

    so I do the normal sp_addlogin ssm, passwordhere
    the I have 4 databases I have to add the user to....

    so I do
    use detaildb
    sp_adduser ssm
    grant select on table1 to ssm

    all is lovely for the first 2 databases....

    I hit the 3rd database, and get
    User already has a login under a different name.
    (return status = 1)

    I've checked sp_helpuser and I do see the ssm account listed under another group, but no clue how it got assigned there.

    I also can't do a grant on it, because it says the ID does not exist in the database

    This is a temporary ID, so I don't want to do grants on the other ID that's showing up with my ssm id on it...
    How do I get around this ?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Nevermind.. it was something stupid I did

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