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    Unanswered: Combining fields in SendObject VB


    I'm attempting to use a SendObject VB module that will send information directly from a command button on our form.

    I've just started programming it and already hit a speed bump.

    This email is going to a team of 3 people. The Status (Field 1 that we want in the subject) of the record will decide which team member will take hold of it. We also want RequestID in the subject. Anyway possible. In a perfect world, the email would come into the team with a subject of: RequestID #75 has changed to status 1-Quote. (or whatever, even 1-Quote75 would work)

    Here is our basic code so far:

    Private Sub cmdSend_Click()

    Dim strToWhom As String
    Dim strMsgBody As String
    Dim strSubject As String

    strSubject = Me.Status hoping to get Me.RequestID and some language in here somehow
    strToWhom = Me.cboAM.Column(1)
    strMsgBody = Me.AMNotes

    DoCmd.SendObject , , , strToWhom, , , strSubject1, strMsgBody, True

    End Sub

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    Assuming I'm reading this correctly (and that's a big assumption today) you're talking about string concatination.

    I.e: strSubject = Me.Status &" has been changed to: " &Me.RequestID

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