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    Unanswered: Confused-intermittent error

    Using Oracle Forms 6i I have a form that compiles cleanly but bombs out most of the time, usually with no error message but sometimes with an ORA-06502.

    The dump when it bombs says ACCESS_VIOLATION and points to a function that loops thru a security table to determine whether or not the user has appropriate rights. The confusing part is that when I inserted message statements to check which record was causing the problem, it ran perfectly.

    So I have 3 situations that seem to occur unpredictably. 1) it bombs (shuts down) without an error message, 2) it stops with an ORA-06502 error, and 3) it runs perfectly. Any guesses as to why it's inconsistent?

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    data dependent error
    06502, 00000, "PL/SQL: numeric or value error%s"
    // *Cause: An arithmetic, numeric, string, conversion, or constraint error
    //         occurred. For example, this error occurs if an attempt is made to
    //         assign the value NULL to a variable declared NOT NULL, or if an
    //         attempt is made to assign an integer larger than 99 to a variable
    //         declared NUMBER(2).   
    // *Action: Change the data, how it is manipulated, or how it is declared so
    //          that values do not violate constraints.
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    Yeah, I figured it was data dependent but since it's retrieving the same data every time I can't figure out why it's manifesting in different ways?
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