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    Unanswered: Hex value loading....9i


    I have a CSV which contains some HEX and some DEC values. After loading the file into the database, all values appear as DEC. Not sure how this conversion is taking place. Could someone please advise on any possibilities?


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    Cool Show us the money

    Post an example of the source data.
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    >I have a CSV which contains some HEX and some DEC values.

    "X'hexstr' The delimiter is a string that has the value specified by X'hexstr' in the character encoding scheme, such as X'1F' (equivalent to 31 decimal). "X"can be either lowercase or uppercase."

    Were the HEX values properly identified?
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    Thanks...The data type for the column that the HEX value is loaded into is 'Number'

    I do have another issue to figure out which is why a snmp tool is fetching values from a MIB which are supposed to be integers, in HEX format but maybe this is not the right place!

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    For future posts, please remember to

    - Post the structure of your table(s) by posting the necessary CREATE TABLE statements
    - Post the sample data you are working with
    - Post the exact commands that you run (use Copy & Paste)
    - Post the exact outcome of your import/query/...
    - In case there is an error, post the exact error message (use Copy & Paste) (do not post screenshots!)

    And make sure all your SQL is readable by formatting it using [code] tags

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