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    Unanswered: Grant database authorities to instance owner ?


    Using db2 v9.5 on AIX v6.1.

    Recently I did redirected restore(changed db SID). One of the tasks after restore is to change db authorities - because db owner is changed.
    So previous db owner was granted all db authorities and grantor was SYSIBM - so I revoked that and wanted to grant the same db authorities to new instabce owner:
    SQL0554N  An authorization ID cannot grant a privilege or authority to itself.
    Because now new instance owner tries to grant to itself.

    What should I do ?
    Do not grant these authorities to instance owner ?
    Or somehow grant as SYSIBM user ?


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    I am assuming that you did the redirected restore to a different instance, and you did not try and change the instance owner of an existing instance.

    You do not need to grant authority to the new instance owner since the instance owner already has SYSADM authority.
    M. A. Feldman
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