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    Unanswered: Stored Procedure Failed, but kept running


    i have a sql 2008 stored procedure and the first step is to drop an index, then it does an insert into the table, then recreates the index.

    However, yesterday the procedure failed when it tried to drop the index becasue it didn't exist, which makes sense. But it kept running and still did the insert and created the index.

    Is this how a stored proc usually functions when it hits an errror? Is there a way to make it stop running the rest of the stored procedure?

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    In Microsoft SQL some errors are considered fatal, others are considered informational. Trying to drop an index that doesn't exist is an informational error, not a fatal error.

    You can test the result of the @@error variable, and RETURN from the procedure if you find the error offensive. For example:
    IF 0 != @@error THEN RETURN
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