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    Unanswered: Reports 6i-vertical elasticity horizontally moves items

    I have a repeating frame containing 2 field items & a frame containing another repeating frame that contains 2 field items. Like so:
                               Vert. Elast.          Horiz. Elast.      Page Prot.  Print Dir.
    R_Frame1               Variable              Fixed               No            Down
      F_Descrip             Variable              Fixed               Yes
      F_Date                 Fixed                 Fixed               No
      M_Frame2             Fixed                 Fixed               No
      R_Frame3             Variable              Variable           No          Across/Down
        F_Item               Fixed                  Variable           No
        F_Value              Fixed                  Variable           No
    F_Descrip can wrap to multiple lines while F_Date cannot. Between them in the layout sets M_Frame2 & R_Frame3 containing the other two fields which can occur multiple times. Normally all occurrences of these fit on one line but occasionally they extend to the point that they overlap with the date. Why?

    The most obvious explanation, to me, is that Vert. Elast. of M_Frame2 is Fixed-but when I try changing that to Variable (or Expand) the report moves F_Date to the left where it overlaps the beginning of the other two fields.

    How can I fix this? The desired output is:

    Description that           Item1  Value1  Item2  Value2         Date
    wraps to multiple         Item3  Value 3
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    As far as I understood, it is horizontal elasticity that should be fixed (for a frame that contains Item and Value). Or, you could try to anchor Date to *something* (M_Frame2? F_Descrip? Can't tell, test it!).

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    Thanks. Date is anchored to M_Frame2 although I did that to keep it aligned with the top of the frame, but as you point out I would expect it to also keep it aligned to the right of M_Frame2, but it doesn't. Anchor connects right edge of M_Frame2 & left edge of F_Date.

    I'll try setting Horiz. Elast. for R_Frame3 to Fixed. It was set to variable because we do want multiple sets of Item & Value on the same line-except when they push the line out too far. Note that Item in particular is of variable length.

    Thanks, I'll give it a try.
    Now back on Oracle. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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