I have the following query, which pulls meet results, articles, and videos from their separate tables, ordered by creation_date, in an effort to display the 10 most recent items. When an item is a meet result, it is linked to differently than videos and articles are linked - that is, articles and videos have a article_path which has the direct URL to link to - meet results have a different way of being linked to, which is why meet_id is being set as path.

Is there a more efficient query? This one appears to me to be working.

SELECT a.meet_id as path, 
					' ' as title,
					shortened_title as shortened_title,
					' ' as intro,
					a.meet_picture as image_path, 
					' ' as youtube_id,
					a.pdf as pdf, 
					date_format(meet_end_date, '%M %D, %Y') AS creation_date
			FROM meet_results AS a JOIN meet_result_categories AS c
			WHERE a.meet_id = c.meet_id
				AND c.category = '1'
 	 		SELECT	a.article_id
  					,article_title as title
					,article_shortened_title as shortened_title
					,article_intro as intro
					,article_picture as image_path
  					,'none' as youtube_id
					,article_path as path
			FROM (articles AS a JOIN article_categories AS c ON a.article_id = c.article_id)
                        WHERE (category = '6' OR category = '8')
			SELECT 	a.video_id
					,video_title as title
					,video_shortened_title as shortened_title
					,video_intro as intro
					,video_picture as image_path
					,video_path as path
			FROM (videos AS a JOIN video_categories AS c ON a.video_id = c.video_id)
                        WHERE category = '9'
			ORDER BY creation_date DESC
			LIMIT 0,10