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    Unanswered: Query question Convert dates to Month and Sum per Item

    I have multiple items with different dates:
    Item Date Sold
    Item1 09/09/2010 5
    Item1 10/09/2010 10
    Item1 11/09/2010 15
    Item2 09/09/2010 15

    What I would like to get is the following result
    Item Month Sold
    Item1 Sep 30
    Item2 Sep 15

    How should the query look like,

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    Select only month from a date column (use TO_CHAR function to do that; check available format models). Apply SUM function on a SOLD column. GROUP BY everything that isn't aggregated.

    Once you study the documentation, you should be able to write a query. If it still doesn't work, come back, show us what you did and explain what went wrong.

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