i-Read-it is a powerful and effective Outlook plugin which allows you to never forget about another Email!

How many times have you been reading an Outlook Email, and then became distracted (or clicked on a different Email that you’ve been waiting for) and forgot about the first Email because Outlook changed it to unbolded and “read” even though you weren’t finished with it yet?

Or perhaps you just wanted to quickly scan over your Emails, and deal with them later?

Do you wish that you can quickly click a button to have you reminded about an important Email in the next 15 minutes? Maybe it’s not important, and you wish to be reminded in 24 hours?

In addition, wouldn’t it be cool to quickly categorize these Emails?

Would you like to increase your, and your employee’s, efficiency and production while dealing with Emails?

If you can relate to any of these questions, which most of us can, then we are happy to tell you that i-Read-it plugin for Outlook solves all these problems.

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