Hello Everyone.

I've tried to do mu due diligence and searched the forums here (and everywhere) for a solution before posting. The issue we're having is that as of coming into work this morning, we can no longer access our main database.

In looking around I've learned a little, as my database experience isn't much. We have a single, non-split .mdb on a server that everyone here is linked to. Some on the domain, some not. There is also no .ldb file to delete.

While no one but myself and one other employee access the database directly, everyone uses a program here that does.

What caused the issue, was that the other employee was making changes to that program last night, and remotely logged into the .mdb to change something. While logged in, it crashed, and when he logged back in it gave him the "you and another user are attempting to change the same data" error. He tried to run the compact / repair, and while it did complete, it sent one error saying:

"Sealed description couldn't be found."

After this, it's still returning the error from before:

"The Microsoft Office Access database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time."


I've made a copy of the (Broken) database, and tried:

Running Repair / compact - Returns the same error.
Importing data into a new blank database - same error.
Running the database through a "database repair" program - wasn't recognized by the program.

The user remote-logging into the database was using, to my knowledge, Office 2003. I currently have 2007 installed on my machine.

Any ideas would be fantastic, as at this point we're at a loss.

Thank you very much,