We are a v8 db2 shop running ACF2 with about 50k qmf objects. We are now in the process of trying to clean up the users on the mainframe and part of that includes removing any qmf objects they may created at some point. We are looking at the last used times on the qmf objects but our users want to make sure if we delete a user and their qmf objects, we can get the objects back with no problems irregardless

We have very few to no tools available other than the standard DB2 and MVS tools/utilities. We only do basic DB2 database work and our applications are in more of a "support" mode

My original idea was to do an unload (unload where owner = xxxxx on the q.object_data, q.object_directory and q.object_remarks) to flat files on the mainframe and then have them available to do a load with resume to put them back when we find out the world will end if we can't get those objects back.

I have read about the export/import vs. unload/load and am unsure of the "best" approach to doing this. Any guidance anyone can give, especially others that have done the same thing, is greatly appreciated.