Hi friends,
I am trying to capture data using db2audit but the data file is getting created. Find below the steps I performed.

> db2 connect to sample user xxx (user xxx have admin rights)

> db2audit configure scope checking status failure errortype normal datapath "C:\DB2\db2_audit" archivepath "C:\DB2\db2_audit_archive"
> db2audit start

C:\Documents and Settings\db2admin>db2audit describe

Audit active: "TRUE "
Log audit events: "FAILURE"
Log checking events: "FAILURE"
Log object maintenance events: "FAILURE"
Log security maintenance events: "FAILURE"
Log system administrator events: "FAILURE"
Log validate events: "FAILURE"
Log context events: "NONE"
Return SQLCA on audit error: "FALSE "
Audit Data Path: "C:\DB2\db2_audit\"
Audit Archive Path: "C:\DB2\db2_audit_archive\"

AUD0000I Operation succeeded.

> db2 connect to sample user yyy
> db2 update db2admin.employee set salary=salary*1.5
error: SQL0551N "yyy" does not have the required authorization or privilege to
perform operation "UPDATE" on object "db2admin.EMPLOYEE". SQLSTATE=42501
> db2audit flush

I cannot find the db2audit.log file in the path specified nor at the default location. Can someone please help