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    Unanswered: updation of data in every 7 days

    Hi guys.

    i have 2 doubts
    1) iam getting data in a table from another table and i want those data to get inserted in every 7 days.

    2) i have created a view on multiple tables and iam getting data in my view from those tables. i want to update / get data in that view in every 7 days .

    Kindly provid eme any of the solution.

    Thank you.

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    First: You posted this in the SQL Server and PostgreSQL forum.
    Which database are you really using?

    Second: you need to be a lot more specific about what you want. I have no idea what "to get inserted in every 7 days" should mean.

    Remember the golden rules for posting:

    - Post the structure of your table(s) by posting the necessary CREATE TABLE statements
    - Post some sample data (ideally as INSERT INTO statements, so that we can create a test case easily)
    - Post the expected output based on that sample data

    And make sure all your SQL is readable by formatting it using [code] tags

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