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    Unanswered: Output/Export a report or query to tabbed Excel spreadsheet

    Hi I have a fairly simple staff database, one of the staff fields denotes the area they are based in.
    I'd like to output a report and or query for all staff to a single Excel workbook in such a way that the workbook automatically ends up with 6 worksheets, each one labelled as per the 6 possible areas and with only the staff based in that area on that specfic worksheet.
    So all staff exported to 1 Excel workbook sorted onto 6 seperate worksheets.
    Using Access 2000 and Excel 2002, bit of a novice so simply explained if possible.
    Any help much appreciated

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    Check the code bank. Pootle posted a nice collection of excel automation samples.

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    thanks will do , have looked but will look again more carefully

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