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    Exclamation Unanswered: Deadlocks

    We have two processes - one updating a table A and other inserting in table B but using table A i.e.selecting from A(along with other tables) in the query.
    We got a deadlock. Second process was using shared page lock on the page of A for which process was waiting for exclusive lock and process A was holding lock on page of table A for which B wanted shared lock. Is it possible for select to cause deadlock?

    1. update A
    set amt=xxX
    where <conditions>

    2. insert into #t1
    select x, y, z= (select max(amt)
    from A
    where condition)
    , a, b, c
    from B1, B2, B3
    where condition

    Process 2 was chosen as victim.

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    If the deadlock already has been resolved by killign the victim, there is no way to find out what exactly caused the deadlock anymore.
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    1. Yes, a SELECT can apply a shared lock on a row/page/table that will prevent other transactions to write on that rows. That depends on your transaction isolation level:
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    2. In your example, setting isolation level to READ UNCOMMITTED will prevent the deadlock situation

    3. The locks in your example make sense: you select MAX from amt field in process 2, but you change the values in the same amt field in process 1.
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