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    Unanswered: page wise displaying in a grid

    hi all,
    i have a grid with 10 records displayed but i have query which fetches more than 200 records in when-new-form-instance.
    it is taking a lots of time by displaying in the grid when the form starts
    so, i want to displaying all records page wise.

    first i want load 10 records in the grid as the number of records displayed in when-new-form-instance
    then i have 4 buttons first, next , previous and last.
    By pressing the next button next 10 records should be loaded into the grid in run time like this... in rest of the buttons.

    but how can i do this
    any idea is mostly appreciated...

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    As of first part of your question (number of records displayed/fetched), check data block's "Query Array Size" and "Number of Records Buffered" properties (when in Property Palette, click the property and press F1 to access help in order to gather some more information). Also, I guess that you'd want to set "Query All Records" to NO.

    As of another part of the question: buttons should contain SCROLL_UP and SCROLL_DOWN built-ins.

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    page wise displaying

    hi Littlefoot,
    i am loading data in the grid through a procedure.
    my number of records displayed = 10
    is my requirement is fulfilled by setting these properties or
    can i do this through the procedure.

    plz replay..

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