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    Question Unanswered: printing reports in landscape and portrait

    I have 5 reports. Report 1 is the main report and I have report 2 - 5 as subreports at the footer level that print after report 1. Report 5 has a lot of fields and I want to be able to pring report 1 - 4 as portrait and report 5 as landscape. Report 1 - 4 will be printing claims. The table that is being used is "Claims" and has about 100 records and each record is a claim. Reports 1 - 4 uses this table. The claims field is called "ID". On report 5, it is printing using a different table called vendors and the main column is vndrNum which is also a column in the claims table. How can i accomplish this?

    Currently I am able to view all 5 reports correctly but report 5 is being cut off because it is not coming up as landscape even though the report 5 itself is set to landscape. It is in report 1 as a subreport and report 1 is in portrait.

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    I don't want to throw a wrench in the works, but how do you expect to print a report in landscape (11 x 8.5) on a 8.5x11 sheet of paper as that is the constraint you are putting on the Main report.?

    Landscape might work I suppose if you keep your subreport within a portrait size constraint, but at that point you might as well be printing it in portrait. Is there anyway to organize your data so that it fits within the portrait size constraints?

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