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    Unanswered: Issue with snapshot replication

    I have done snapshot replication setup which is running smoothly for some time but suddenly started facing some issues. Around 250GB data at publisher and replication is not happening. I tried of reinitializing which didn't work. And I try to remove the existing setup and reconfigure but facing errors/issues and not able to configure the same.

    Can anybody help me how to debug this issue?
    How to fix this kind of problems in replication.

    Thank you.


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    Obviously something has changed. Now you have to track down what it was. Something about the data? the hardware? the settings?

    Can you be more specific about the errors you get when you try to reinitialize?

    Snapshot replication works when you have a few changes in a large database. If you're sending 250GB a day, you either have a very large DB or you need to look at another scheme.

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