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    Red face Unanswered: How can I connect access database to sql srvr compact edition

    Hi All,

    I am trying to achieve something that might not even be possible. I want to understand women's brains., never mind....hahaha

    At my work we have to use a program called "cold" (dont ask why its called cold) to log everyday calls as cases. Each case would have its own info case#, date, time etc etc.
    I am pretty sure cold uses sql server desktop edition to store data since each time I upgrade cold I have to first install sql server compact edition and then the program.
    I would like to link my Access database to that sql server specially where the data is being stored and then once data is in Access, I can easily minipulate it however I want.
    I have tried for last 3 days looking for examples/articles on how can I connect/link and retrieve the data but for some reason I cant connect it.
    I think sql server is V3.5
    My question is: how can I connect my access database to the sql server compact edition?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    You might want to try by creating a new Access Data Project (ADP). Make sure to create one that uses Existing Data. Then the wizard should ask you which data source you want to connect to.

    I have the Express version loaded on my system and the server is ComputerName\SQLExpress (substitute computer name with your actual computername). That is known as the SQL Server Instance.

    You can also look into connection string for use with the ODBC driver for SQL Server. You can either create a DSN that stores the connection string or set the ConnectionString property of a Connection object to the connections string. That way you and create a linked table.

    The final thing you can try is loading SQL Server Management Studio. That is the GUI for SQL Server. It allows you to run queries and manage database objects.

    But... I would imagine that they have the database secured. If so you will probably need to know a username and password to connect to it.

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