Basically, I have a school management system where, when someone logins(with the correct login details), it gives an error.

Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Unable to save result set in /home/xyz/public_html/together/ on line 98
I searched for this error message and found out that the reason behind this is a corrupt table and generally repairing the database should fix that. I tried that

through CPANEL repair database feature. It didn't help.

Then I tried phpmyadmin's "Repair Tables" feature. Again, that also didn't help.

But, phpmyadmin displays the error(which phpmyadmin calls "Msg_text")

abc_together.COURSE_DETAILS' is not BASE TABLE
where, 'abc_together' is the database name and 'COURSE_DETAILS' the table name. Around 5 table displays this "Msg_text" And, 4 tables display "Corupt"

So, what should I do to fix it? Please help.

Hey one more thing I nearly forgot, there are 3 categories of users and two categories work perfectly fine. But, the "students" category login doesn't work.

Please help! I'm really desperate about this and I can't afford to re-install the system because there are thousands of data already entered.