Hello everyone here at dBforums, my name is Kevin. Im new to databasing and im hoping to get some help/advise.

I have some experience with microsoft excel 2007 and just started some research on microsoft access 2007.

Im looking for software that will allow me to:

1. Record readings (via user input) from multiple machines at the start of the day and then readings at the end of the day and do calculations with those readings to give me a net sum.

2. Store and Link these readings and results so weekly, monthly and yearly reports can be produced from them.

3. Have the storage of these readings/results in chronological order. for example i would have the YEAR 2010 that can EXPAND into MONTHS select a month that expands into DAYS in that month, select a day and the readings/results for that day will be displayed. Similar to how Windows does expanding of Folders with their subfolders.

4. Assist in analysis.
The performance of Machine A over the month/year
Which day/month was the most profitable.

Any assistance is appreciated. Please direct me to the best thread to post in where i can probably go into some more detail. I am willing to use other programs, however i would prefer excel, access or other microsoft product because i will have to show others how to use it and many people are already familiar with those products.

Thank you.