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    Unanswered: Display a single record in a query


    I have a query that finds all the records in the 'projects' table equal to a date.

    The 'projects' table has a related table called 'engineering notes'.

    Is it possible to have the query display the last engineering note for each project that meets the criteria?

    For example, when I run the query to find all the projects started this month, the query returns the same record for each engineering note and then carries on to the next project. All I want is a list of the projects plus the last engineering note so I can see at a glance the projects started and the latest engineering note for that project.



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    What you're trying to do is group by and show last, which are "Totals" functions.

    Use the big Greek E at the top of the query builder to expose those commands and then group on projects, setting it to display the Last note.

    Depending on how your db is setup, you'll probably want to do the "Totals" query simply on Project Key and Note key, and then use a select query to fill in the meat.
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    Thanks tcace.

    Its working fine now, that was really easy, well it is when youre pointed in the right direction.


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