Is it just me, or is getting a bound combo box with limit to list to work properly when the combo is on a tab control just not possible?

I have code that asks the user if they want to add the new value.

If yes, it pops up a form to handle new values. The form allows the user to verify spelling, then validates the value (no double quotes, no leading or trailing spaces, and not a duplicate of an existing value). Then, the value is added to the underlying table and control returned to the calling form.

The procedure picks up where it left off and sets the Response to be quiet, requeries the combo and sets the new value.

Works fine, unless the combo is in a tab control. To try and get it to work here, the combo had to be made unbound, with a separate procedure to update the bound control. Fancy footwork had to be deployed to capture the new value, clear the combo, requery the combo, set the new value back and update the bound field.

Here's the catch: I type a value with a trailing space into the combo, which is not in the list. The process fires, pulls up the add new form and alerts me the value has a trailing space and is invalid. I say ok, and it fixes the value, adds the fixed value to the table and sends the key of the new value back. The combo is cleared and requeried and then set to the new key and ... grrrr, the stupid default Access "Not in List" message comes up even though the corrected new value is in the Text portion and the correct underlying key is in the bound field! Access is telling me the value it is displaying in the combo is not in the list even through it is not only in the table, it is actually in the list of the combo! If I say NO, scroll through some values and come back to the one I just entered (that supposedly wasn't in the list) it works ...

I knew I should have gone the .NET path ...