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    Unanswered: Asset Management: Converting form Excel Spreadsheet to DB w/ Microsoft SQL Server

    I am a college student and in one of my classes we are working with an organization which currently tracks all of their assets using Excel Spreadsheets.

    They would like us to convert from the Excel Spreadsheets to a database using Micrsoft SQL Server which they already have in place.

    Is this a fairly easy task? Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    the biggest challenge is making sure the spreadsheets are in a standard form

    typically you would create an SSIS package to import all of the spreadsheets into the DB first

    I'd dump them into a RAW type table w/o any strict data type definitions

    Then I would I inspect the data imported and flag any imports that did not conform to the standard (the better your test here the cleaner the import will go). I don't know how many spreadsheets you are talking about here, but the more data you need to import the more important this step is. Also I don't know if you have multiple tabs in each file or what.

    Once you have acceptable data in the raw tables you can start normalizing the data into a better relational structure. You can work on the ERD of your table layouts first to better organize their Assets.

    I believe you can use the SSMS GUI in order to import 1 file, and then save it as an SSIS package if this is new to you and then edit the SSIS package in the BI designer application.

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