I'm using web-services from Delphi application and want to do so, that app. provide XML data in form

<TableName Field1Name="Field1Value" Field2Name="Field2Value" ...etc etc />

...so when app POST this XML to the web-service listener (ASA 11), then stored procedure that invoke web-service should do something like this

insert into TableName
(Field1Name, Field2Name, ... etc)
(Field1Value, Field2Value ... etc)

Idea is that, I want some kind of "shortcut" for insert/update/delete table where client provide only XML data, and this mechanism should know in which table, which field and which data to store.

Problem is, I don't know how to parse this XML within stored procedure, how to extract first element (TableName) , and all other elements with their Names and Values.

If anyone have any ideas, let me know ... I'll be very thankfull