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    Unanswered: extra space in file_location for alter command

    I do below alter command
    alter tablespace RCA_MB_IDX add datafile '/gxsdb/database/oradata5/RCA/RCA_REF_MB_IDX_01.dbf ' size 1024M

    But there is extra space in the file location '/gxsdb/database/oradata5/RCA/RCA_REF_MB_IDX_01.dbfX'
    I mark X for that space ...

    The command is commit .

    But there is problem when do backup the file cannot be find since there is extra space after ".dbf"
    How can I fall back ???
    Any idea how I can fix it ????

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    Try 'moving' the file to a new location i.e. one without the extra space.
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