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    Unanswered: Customized Toolbar


    I have created a Custom Toolbar with 2 controlbars having macro assigned to them. In one of my excel file, I have coded to show the toolbar on opening the file and before closing, hide the toolbar, as I have the macros in that excel file and I don't want to show those toolbars when other files are opened.

    Now the problem is, somehow those toolbars were deleted and when I open that excel file, it throws the error, since the toolbars were deleted.

    Can you please provide a solution/advice for this.

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    When the file is opened I always delete and create toolbars from scratch.
    [The delete is necessary in case the toolbar was not successfully deleted when the file was last closed.]

    When the file is closed I always delete the toolbars.

    I don't think I can be more specific than that with the current information on the thread, but I hope it helps...

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