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    Unanswered: How to create a large database and populate it

    Hi, I've downloaded a trial version of MS SQL Server 2008 onto my laptop for testing purposes.

    I want to create a large table of 100,000,000 rows (15 columns in each) with appropriate indices to test information retrieval performance for my Java app that I'm writing, that's also on my laptop.

    Can I simply create the 100 million rows and expect everything to work on my laptop without killing the performance or hanging my machine?

    My laptop has 2Gig RAM and the SQL database is on an external drive which has 300+ Gig free. Do I need to maybe partition the table or indices to make things work? I already created a table of several million rows that my app could retrieve data from and there was no problem.

    A different question is: where can I find an open source, or maybe free trial, of a synthetic data builder? I need to populate those 100 million rows with fictitious but realistic data. What tool can I use? I would not want there to be tremendous repetition but to randomly chose names, dates, zip codes, etc. from a large pool of realistic choices.

    Thank you.


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    Hello Dave,

    There are tools for generating test data.
    Sure you can download for trial purposes but I guess this will only be for limited use. So I don't think they will let you populate millinons of rows in a table.
    Bur you can check the SQL Server Tools list and check the Test Data Generator section

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