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    Unanswered: Problem with Variables

    I am currently trying to type code that will verify the data of two column fields (FM, COSTTYP) in a pivot table. There is probably an easier way to go about it, but would like the code to identify that for each item within the "FM" field (ex. "2010/10"), there is also corresponding "Actual" data within the "COSTTYPE"field.
     Set PT = ActiveSheet.PivotTables(1)
        ForMth = PT.PivotFields("FM")
         For Each ForMth In PT.PivotFields("FM").PivotItems
         n = ForMth.Name
            On Error GoTo NotVisible
            PT.PivotSelect "Actual n", xlDataAndLabel, True
    I am using a variable rather than try and hard code each individual pivot item under "FM". The problem is within the bolded line which will not recognize that n = the current pivot item. Anyone have a better idea how to rephrase the code or even a different approach?

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    Should it be this?
    PT.PivotSelect "Actual " & n, xlDataAndLabel, True

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