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    Unanswered: Recovering deleted paradox records

    I am running a database application I created using Paradoz 9 Developer Edition. I have been running this application for the past 6 years without any problem until now.

    I have a problem with some detail tables that appear to be empty. The parent table has all of it's data but all of the detail tables are empty. I ran the table rebuild utility thinking it may be a corrupt index but the table repair utility reports everything as being okay and the tables have 0 records.

    Looking at the file size of the tables that appear to be empty leads me to believe the data is still in the tables. I backed up the tables and packed them using the restructure function. The size of the tables after packing was 4kb (empty). That leads me to believe somehow all of the records in these detail tables have been deleted but are still in the table. I know that records can be undeleted from a Dbase table but what can be done, if anything, to undelete records in a Paradox table?

    I can restore the tables from the last backup but I will be missing some data. It would be really nice to undelete these records.

    Thank You

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    no, you cannot undelete records in a paradox table.. however, if the index is corrupt, and that's the index you're using, you might see nothing, when the data is really there.. make another copy, and delete the indexes, to see what you've got..
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