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    Question Unanswered: Cursor help: How to select from a cursor ?


    I have some code like this:

    CURSOR cur IS
    SELECT field1,
               CASE WHEN EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM Table2 
                                                        WHERE field1 = ct.field1
                                                        AND   field2 = ct.field2
               THEN 'Y' ELSE 'N'
               END AS Flag            
    FROM Cust_transactions ct
    Where ......
    FOR rec IN cur
               Select  *
               From Table3
               Where field1 = rec.field1
              AND EXISTS ( Select from Cursor cur ...?
               END LOOP;

    As you can see in the above code I need to make a select in the same cursor. ...Could a cursor be used as a table ?

    The requirement is that while looping through cursor Cust_transactions , If flag = Y, I need to find out if there is at least another line with same customer id that have their flag = N.

    My soln is similar to this: (continue from above code)

    AND rec.Flag = 'Y'
              AND EXISTS (
              Select 1 from cur
                          where customer_id = rec.customer_id
                          And Flag = 'N')
    Is this possible ? or is there another way to solve this issue


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    >Could a cursor be used as a table ?

    just have the same table in the FROM clause twice
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