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    Unanswered: Reading tablenames and dynamically creating sql statements

    We run oracle 10g and I am curious if there's any way to read in tablenames from a list (say a table containing tablenames) then loop through the tables and perform sql statements using those tablenames. For example define a cursor to select tablename from all_tables where user = 'userid'. Then Loop through the cursor and say truncate table cursor.tablename or delete from cursor.tablename where create_dt <= (sysdate-30). I'm guessing there has to be a way to do this but I haven't found a method yet. Thaks for any help!

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    It can be accomplished by (ab)using EXECUTE IMMEDIATE within a PL/SQL procedure

    The result is a non-scalable piece of code & may be a latent bug generator in the future.
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    This is a simple example of reading the system view(all_tables) and truncating the tables owned by the supplied user:
    create or replace procedure trunc_tables_pkg(p_user  in  varchar2) is
      c_trunc constant varchar2(   15 )  := 'truncate table ';
      v_sql            varchar2(  512 );
      cursor table_cur is
        select table_name
         from  all_tables
        where  owner  =  upper( p_user )
        order by table_name;
        for table_rec in table_cur
          v_sql  :=  c_trunc || table_rec.table_name || ';';
          execute immediate v_sql;
        end loop;
          when others then
            dbms_output.put_line( to_char( sqlcode ) || ':' || sqlerrm );


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